Therapy update… 

So I don’t think this therapist is for me. We spoke on Thursday (in a session) and she gave me homework which was “look in the mirror everyday and say one thing you like about yourself”…. I mean seriously I can come up with that myself. Anyway, then she said she wanted to check in… Continue reading Therapy update… 

To therapy or not to therapy

This is an asking for advice post. I hope someone sees it who can help. So for years my family have told me I need to look at getting help, but I’m too chicken to see someone in real life so I joined the website “betterhelp”. To be honest I’m disappointed. I don’t know if… Continue reading To therapy or not to therapy

The actual truth

Hey guys, It’s been a long time since I last blogged. And there’s a reason for that. This website was started as a celebration of food but it was just a cover. I hate food. Well, that’s wrong, I love food, but I have a very abusive relationship with it. For nearly 15 years I… Continue reading The actual truth

Night noodle markets 

A couple weekends ago I finally got around to heading to the noodle markets in Birrarung Mar (?sp) park in Melbourne. OMG! There was so much to be excited about! First off I was super excited to see one of my favourites from Eat Street Markets in Brisbane branching out. If you haven’t tried the… Continue reading Night noodle markets 

Healthy snacking time! 

Still attempting to keep to the vegetarian diet rules I made myself, so far so good. With the one exception of the event on Sunday I have kept to a vegetarian November but it’s now over half way done and I am starting to run out of inspiration. Anyone who can offer any help/ideas/recipes would… Continue reading Healthy snacking time!